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Omfg it’s so cute how Michael and Gavin are with Geoff in LPs.

"Geoff! Geoff, do you see me? Geoff, watch! Geoff did you see!?!"

And Geoff says yea and laughs and tells them good job.

Literally the cutest fuckin thing.

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Pacific Rim/RT crossover

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I ship Jordan and Barbra so hard.


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omfg this post and i don’t know why it looks like Gus and Geoff

warning: gif is nsfw

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will draw for fics

or other draws

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Ahh while watching the new short, I almost thought Joel and Matt were wearing the same jacket and now I can’t stop thinking of them making out in the dressing room and trying to hastily get back into costume and mixing them up on accident.

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now kiss

now kiss

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i was rewatching the "paper cut" short and there's a part where matt and joel are running down the street yelling and they look like they're holding hands and i just..../swoon


Omfg I love all the shorts with Matt and Joel doing stuff. I like the short where Gus and Geoff are being given acting lessons and Matt’s like, “NO. We can’t just keep putting Joel in shorts!” and then at the end Matt is just nodding his head and telling Brandon(?) to get out lmao.

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Ahh the Gauntlet oh my god.

Joel blindfolding Burnie is doing things to me could you just imagine Burnie reluctantly letting Joel tie one on him and Joel just keeps assuring him it’s ok. *q*

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